Substance Abuse Traffic Offender Program

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OMU - Offender Management Unit

To begin SATOP requirements, you must pre-schedule an  appointment with an OMU.  As your SATOP responsibility is fulfilled, several activities will occur:

     1.a.  OMU - Offender Management Unit:  You must pay $126 for the OMU assignment evaluation.  You must also pay a State "supplemental fee"of $249 at the OMU, required for all SATOP offenses..

     1.b.  MIP - Minor in Possession of Alcohol or drugs, Zero Tolerance, or abuse and lose; both OMU and supplemental fee will be collected.

    2.  You will meet with a Qualified Professional that has your driving record, counting ALL current and prior offenses (lifetime,) to ensure accuracy about ANY prior Alcohol or Drug offenses, and your BAC (Blood Alcohol Content) level at arrest, and fill out the SATOP forms.

     3.  You will complete a Driver Risk Inventory II (DRI - II), which is a computer scored and interpreted questionnaire regarding your lifestyle, drinking/drug using habits, attitudes, and related issues.

     4.  You will be personally interviewed by OMU Qualified Professional and assigned into a program level that meets the Missouri State service level standards.

Based upon the above screening factors, you will be assigned into ONE of the SATOP Education or Treatment Programs.  You have a right to a "second opinion" From any other SATOP OMU or a judicial review from the court.  Should you exercise this option, you will be required to pay the second OMU a $126 service fee, but no additional supplemental fee will be charged.  The referral made by the second OMU or the court will be considered the referral of record - and will be binding.

     Participants should maximize the potential offered by SATOP, view the program experience, not as some additional punishment or penalty, but rather to gain new insights into alcohol and/or drug usage behaviors that affect lifestyles, marriages, relationships, parenting, jobs, finances, health and general sense of well being.  With the participant cooperation, SATOP can be a positive, motivating experience.


SATOP - Program

    1. OEP Offender Education Program:  A ten (10) hour educational program.  This assignment is for first time offenders only, with no prior alcohol or drug related charges.  First offenders with a BAC of .18 and over are not considered for this level.  OEP Cost is:  $200

     A 48 hour, intensive group oriented educational program which is conducted in a rural setting (you will stay at the program through the weekend), usually scheduled from 4pm Friday through 4pm Sunday.  This level is for high BAC 1st offenders and at least one prior alcohol or drug related offense.  WIP cost varies from $250 to $458.14 depending on income.

    3. CIP - Clinical Intervention Program:  A 50 hour, outpatient rehabilitation that includes 20 hours of group education, 20 hours of group therapy, and 10 hours of individual counseling, usually taking 8 to 12 weeks.  This is usually for offenders with 3 or more prior offenses.  CIP fees are dependent upon your income.  CIP cost varies from $250 minimum to $1045.60.

     4.  Level IV Treatment:  To successfully satisfy the Level IV requirements a client must complete at least 75 hours of treatment in no less than 90 days. Services must include a minimum of 35 hours of individual and/or group counseling. The cost varies from $250 to $1500.

    5.  ADEP Adolescent Diversion Education Program:  "Abuse and Lose" or "Minor in Possession".  ADEP is a two day, 10 hour, alcohol and drug education program required by the Department of Revenue for offenders under the age of 21 who were arrested for the above offenses.  Cost $100

    USUAL COSTS:  Program costs for WIP/CIP are set by a "Sliding Scale" depending upon your total GROSS family income, including any spouse income.  Usual costs are $375 ($126 + $249) plus Program fees.

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